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Mystery Sprite

Mystery Sprite

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Preorder to secure a design.  

  • This item is made to order.
  • To be dispatched in June 2024.
  • This is a decorative figurine, NOT a storage jar.  
  • Material: ceramic 
  • Size: 14 cm in height 
  • Handmade and signed by Camila Prada.  

Select a style below.

  • Collector Item
  • Signed by the Artist
  • No FOMO
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Preorder now–to not miss out on release day.

This item will go fast. 🔥

  • Lightly Speckled

    Loving the crafty feel of this glaze. Adds a touch of randomness to my signature clean lines.

  • Retro Yellow

    Instead of all-white designs, I'll be introducing new base colors for my ceramic characters.

  • Blue Brushstrokes

    Looking for cooler hues to compliment my warm and bright surface patterns.

  • Dusty Pink

    By masking off areas I can brush on color with precision, adding more variation to the character designs.

  • Friendly Faces

    The decal designs you know and love will be back. With new textures, colours and character shapes.

  • Black Hats

    Not a fully formed hat, but loving this color test. Next step is to hand-sculpt hats, ears and wings, and paint them in black.


What is this?

This is a preorder page where collectors of my ceramic work can secure the upcoming designs, set to be released in April 2024.

Ordering now means stress-free shopping and ensures you won't miss out on the release date.

My designs, always limited editions, are known to sell out fast.

Why can't I see the designs?

Because I am currently in the process of creating them. The final designs will be a combination of my signature style with new variations in color and shape.

I will be experimenting with hand painting color on the character’s “body” instead of leaving it all white.

Additionally, I will be adding more sculptural elements to the main body shape, like a small hat or wings at the back.

You will be asked to approve the final design via email before it is shipped. If you do NOT like the final design, you will be refunded in full.

And besides, ordering a "mystery art" is surprising and fun!

Is this a functional ceramic item?

No, this is a decorative figurine, not a functional storage jar or vase. Think of it as a small sculpture—crafted by an artist in her studio.

What if I don't like the final designs?

I will be sharing work-in-process photos in the coming weeks. You will see the final designs via email before they are shipped out to customers.

If you decide you do NOT like the final designs, you will be refunded in full—no questions asked.

This is a no-risk purchase.

Can I purchase from anywhere in the world?

Yes, we ship from the UK, and shipping is worldwide. The shipping cost is calculated for you at checkout.

Why preorder?

Because you get to skip the release date rush and shop stress-free—without missing out on a limited edition piece.

Also, by preordering, you’re helping me acquire materials and allocate my time.

Each ceramic item will be fired at least four times and hand-brushed with three to six coats of glaze (just to mention a couple of steps in a lengthy process).

Essentially, by purchasing in advance, you are helping me spend more time on smile-inducing art.

The sweet details you know and love.

Oscillating between handmade craft and sleek design, my adorable ceramic characters are back. This time handmade by me in my studio. Secure yours now. Collector's items in the making! 😃

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