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Great product idea, and great colours too. They're just fab and easy to use, can never have enough of them. Would love some more! 

I'm a bit addicted to your amazing transfers. I'm so happy with the results. Going to have a good rummage in the kitchen tomorrow to see what else I can Camilfy. My daughter and I are just a bit obsessed!

Had a fab afternoon playing with my Christmas transfers, they've turned our boring kitchen storage jars into items of pure joy. I keep wandering into the kitchen just to smile at a jar of rice - with a fox face!

HELLO! I’m a ceramic designer turned DIY enthusiast.

HELLO! I’m a ceramic designer turned DIY enthusiast.

When COVID19 botched up my pottery supply chain I had a crazy idea. What if I offered professional quality transfers for my customers to use at home? That’s how the Transfer Packs came about.

This year I’m also getting back in to ceramics. Stick around!