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For £25 a year you get:

  1. Early access. Shop 48 hours before the general public.
  2. 15% OFF every purchase. Always! Never pay full price again.
  3. Get a pill box from my upcoming October Collection at 50% off!



How long does it take to make my money back?
With 15% savings, once you spend £150 you have your £25 investment back. In just 2 purchases the 15% off is extra money in your pocket.

Can I quit at any time?
I'd hate to see you go, but of course you can! No questions asked. Just let us know and we'll stop your membership from renewing. You'll continue to receive the membership benefits for the year you've paid. Unfortunately, we can't reimburse pro-rated amounts for the remaining year of your current year's membership fee.

When am I billed?
You're billed as soon as you purchase the Collector's Club membership. We only bill you once a year and always email you before renewing your membership.

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